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1 1 Preg Wk1-Your last menstrual period. This is the week of your last period. The 1st day of menstrual bleeding is the official start date of pregnancy Edit
1 2 Preg Wk1-At this stage you are not actually pregnant yet. During the first two weeks you will begin your monthly cycle, ovulation and conception will take place Edit
1 3 Preg Wk1-Make sure that u act pregnant until u know other wise. Take a prenatal vitamin, with 0.4 mg of folic acid. Dont take alcohol/tobacco/unprescribed drugs Edit
1 4 Preg Wk1-If you feel some cramps, you can probably relate it to ovulation. Because at this stage, you may not be pregnant till the third week. Edit
1 5 Preg Wk1-U can calculate ur estimated due date of delivery by counting 40 weeks, starting from the first day of ur last menstrual period. So go ahead and count. Edit
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2 8 Preg Wk2-Fertilization. At the end of this week, conception will occur. This is where that long journey from stretch marks to nausea during pregnancy begins. Edit
2 9 Preg Wk2-This is the period where ur fertilized egg makes its way to ur womb and attaches itself to the womb. U may feel that u are pregnant at this stage. Edit
2 10 Preg Wk2-Today the fertilized egg will begin to divide into small cells to form the various cells of the baby. These cells develop every 12 hours. Edit
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2 12 Preg Wk2-Although u wont know it for months, the gender of ur baby, eyes and hair color and even to some extent his/her personality, has been determined already Edit
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2 14 Preg Wk2-The uterus is forming a lining that is called the endometrium. This will form a sack strong enough to carry/cushion your baby throughout the pregnancy. Edit
3 15 Preg Wk3-A New Life Begins. Congratulations! U may be 3 weeks pregnant. U may notice a bit of spotting. Nothing to worry about, its ur first sign of success. Edit
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3 17 Preg Wk3-If you are feeling tired this week, or are convinced that your breasts are achy or already starting to enlarge, they are the early signs of pregnancy. Edit
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3 19 Preg Wk3-You may exprience your first morning sickness. It is time to see a doctor or take a pregnancy test just to confirm your suspicion. Edit
3 20 Preg Wk3-Your little one is now swimming gently into ur uterus; this is implantation. Once there the cells will divide into two, forming the embryo and placenta Edit
3 21 Preg Wk3-By the end of this week, your little baby will be made of 500 microscopic cells - the size of a bean. Edit
4 22 Preg Wk4-Implantation. The end of this week marks the end of your first month of pregnancy; the ride of your life has began. Edit
4 23 Preg Wk4-At this time, the fertilised egg will attach itself to the wall of your uterus and the amniotic cavity which later becomes fluid will form. Edit
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4 27 Preg Wk4-Your heart may begin to beat faster due to the implantation of the baby in the uterus. This is very normal. Edit
4 28 Preg Wk4-At this stage of your pregnancy your baby is already 2 weeks old and measuring about 0.04 inches or about 1mm in length. Edit
5 29 Preg Wk5-Your baby starts to develop. Make it a priority to eat the most nutritious foods. Dont take alcohol, cigarette and remember to get enough rest Edit
5 30 Preg Wk5-Ur babys first organ system has started developing.The brain, heart, nervous and reproductive systems as well as other body parts will begin to develop Edit