Ussd Session

Implementing CORS

The simulator uses the Cross Origin Request Sharing (CORS) specification to access client urls.

Below are the extra implementation steps to carry out in your client applications in order to successfully use this simulator.

Ignore this section if you are using the Java SDK, since it handles all of the steps below for you automatically.

  1. Include the HTTP header Access-Control-Allow-Origin with the value of in all responses to the Hubtel USSD API.
  2. Implement the HTTP verb OPTIONS to return a 200 OK empty response with the following HTTP response headers:
    • Access-Control-Allow-Origin. Set its value to
    • Access-Control-Allow-Headers. Set its value to whatever was contained in the HTTP request header of name Access-Control-Request-Headers.
    • Access-Control-Allow-Methods. Set its value to "POST, GET, OPTIONS" (i.e. as one string)